Whether you are celebrating your first year or 50th anniversary, there are Best Ideas for anniversary in Louisville Kentucky. Tag your special one to the romantic things to do in Louisville. Louisville has everything you need to build such a perfect romantic ambiance for you and your sweet love. Here are the Best Ideas for anniversary in Louisville Kentucky you could consider.

The Best Steak in Town

Having a nice dinner is indeed one of the Best Ideas for anniversary in Louisville Kentucky not to miss. Consider reserving your table at Rye in Louisville. Enjoy the sliced steak with a bottle of wine, while enjoying the perfect nuances in the environment.

Iroquois Park Hill

If you and your lover tend to be a nature lover or adventurer, then hiking to the top of the Iroquois Park Hill will be one of the Best Ideas for anniversary in Louisville Kentucky. The good thing when you reach the top of the hill, you will be able to view the entire city of Louisville. The view is so attention-grabbing. That’s why many happy couples have success there. It’s a nice private place to get strippers for hire to come out to you and do a cute strip tease in the celebration of your special milestone.

Waterfront Park

Waterfront Park is enjoyable in various ways from strolling around to taking a bike. Depending on you and your lover’s liking, you’d want to add this to your list. From the Waterfront Park, you will have a sweet spot to view the Ohio River and Louisville Skyline. Because of the picturesque beauty, it is not surprising if you want to spend hours there. Consider bringing your camera to capture all the moments together with your lover. There will be a lot of aspects that you don’t want to miss when visiting Waterfront Park.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

The hot air balloon ride is indeed a fancy date. You might need to spend few hundreds bucks for few minutes over the air. However, it can be the most romantic date that you ever do with your partner. The Hot Air Balloon ride will give both of you bird-eyes view. View Louisville from above. You will win your sweetheart.

Bed and Breakfast

Planning to do the date overnight? Why not staying at a local bed and breakfast. It can be one of the Best Ideas for anniversary in Louisville Kentucky to strengthen the relationship between you two. The Kintner House is the example of the local bed and breakfast. You will want to book your room in advance if you plan to come in the weekend. This place is flocked by visitors in the peak season.